Effects of the Inflation Reduction Act on the Construction and Real Estate Sectors

by Drew Mansell, CPA Introduction The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) increased the potential benefit of several energy efficiency tax incentives. These include the Section 179D energy efficient commercial buildings deduction and the Section 45L new energy efficient home credit. A more detailed description of these incentives is below. These changes warrant a renewed look at these incentives by companies looking …

Are Your Accounting Fees on the Rise?

Everything from gas, materials, and equipment prices in the construction industry, to your bill at the grocery store are being affected. And now, for a variety of reasons, the prices for your accounting fees and services are following suit. But what are the major factors contributing to this escalation and what can you do to help reduce costs?

What is the Right Construction Accounting Methods?

There are more options available for accounting methods than other business entities due to the nature of construction activities.