8/19 WEBINAR: 2020 Retirement Plan Update – COVID-19 Edition


Join us for our next webinar with a special guest presentation from our colleague at Holland & Hart, Ben Gibbons. In this presentation, Ben will discuss the latest retirement plan-related COVID-19 guidance and how it impacts plan sponsors and their retirement plans. Ben Gibbons is an associate at Holland & Hart and counsels employers on a broad range of qualified retirement …

Evolution of Your Control Environment During a Global Pandemic

Current uncertainty continues to evolve, making it difficult for organizations to evaluate the impact on their control environments. As companies move to remote operations, or need to modify their workforce, an assessment over the control environment is required to  determine if it is operating as it had been prior to the rapid changes.

Harris Construction Breakfast Series

Harris Construction Breakfast Series: How Deferred Compensation Plans using Insurance Can Help Your Business


Your business can play an important role in providing additional retirement income and safety for you and your key employees. If you’re an owner of a closely held business, you have unique needs and considerations to think about when providing these benefits. A nonqualified deferred compensation plan using insurance can help solve your challenges and serve your company’s needs. In …

How Technology Can Give Your Construction Firm an Edge

Improvements in technology over the past few decades have changed the way business is done across all industries. With an aging workforce, the construction industry has seen its share of challenges in keeping up with technological advances and the role they play business operations.