What Plan Sponsors Need to Know About Layoffs and Partial Plan Terminations

Based on IRS rules, a partial plan termination can occur if approximately 20 percent or more of plan participants are terminated by the plan sponsor as a result of an action, such as a plant closure, a decision to downsize, or the termination of a product line. The reduction can accumulate over one or more plan years and still be classified as a partial termination.

Reducing the Risk of Fraud in Benefit Plans

Some plan sponsors believe that their annual plan audit should catch any fraud that occurs in their benefit plans. While audits can sometimes be helpful in identifying irregularities, they aren’t specifically designed to detect fraud. It all boils down to implementing better internal controls to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place. In this latest article, learn about recent examples of benefit plan fraud and how you can take the steps needed to protect your benefit plan from fraudulent activity.