Campus Students

Every Fall, Harris recruits at different colleges throughout Idaho during each college's respective accounting career fairs. We meet with the various bright and talented future graduates and demonstrate our culture in hopes of finding new talent that want to start a career with us. 

What to Expect at Harris

During your first year, employees normally have a 50/50 mix of tax and audit work. After that, you'll choose one or the other and spend the next couple years focusing on expanding your experience in that discipline. The experience gained includes working with a mix of client sizes, ranging from startups to international organizations located all over the nation. Some minor state-wide travel is involved, but you'll work with a team that's experienced in all facets of our industry. In addition, you'll be getting ready for the CPA exam and Harris provides mentors within the firm to help with study guidance and preparation.

After the initial few years, Harris continues to ensure each employee understands the career growth potential, which is as far as you want to go.