Find your place at Harris.

Harris is a great place to work. Don’t take our word for it. This year, we were once again recognized as a Best Place to Work in Idaho for our efforts to actively help employees reach their goals.

Harris recognizes that our value lies in our team members—and we do everything we can to show them our appreciation. We have several programs in place to help our staff reach their professional goals:

Harris actively supports our employees to help them realize their short-term and long-term career goals. We have programs in place to help all employees reach their professional goals at all stages of their professional career.

Mentoring Program

Each employee of the firm participates in a formal mentoring program. The employees are teamed with a more experienced member of the firm who helps guide and acts as sounding board for career development opportunities. Our mentoring program provides positive outcomes for both the employee and mentor through the expansion of knowledge, skill, energy, and creativity.

CPA Exam Assistance

Passing the CPA exam requires significant time and financial commitments and is a crucial step in our staff’s career development. As such, we have an assistance program to help with the related costs, to make this goal a reality. Study materials are provided to members of the firm. In addition, the firm has a reimbursement program for successful completion of the exam.

Your First Year

Harris' portfolio of work is about half tax and half assurance. Harris has launched a "track" system for all new staff who start with the firm. The goal is to expose our staff to a variety of work disciplines while also focusing on targeted training and apprenticeship periods sufficient to imprint critical skills in one discipline before moving on to the next. In your first year, you will be assigned to either an assurance track or a tax track each lasting one trimester, based on the firms needs. The foundation of success in each new rotation begins with a targeted initial training period during which you will receives general firm wide training and then progresses to a targeted classroom training in the assigned discipline. Lastly, you will complete a rigorous hands on training where you are assigned a specific trainer to “show you the ropes” with actual client work. For those that are entering their second rotation in a discipline, a custom training tailored to your needs will be identified and assigned as needed. The remainder of the 4 month long track is spent working on engagement teams and directly with clients and management. After completing one track in each department of tax and assurance, individuals have the opportunity to request the department of their 3rd track.


Harris pays for professional dues, license fees, and subscriptions for most association our employees are a part of.

Employee Welfare

Tax Season can be grueling. The days are long, and Harris makes sure to give its employees a mental break. Each week, we have "Fun Friday" where for 30 minutes, we all stop what we are doing and join in on a game to clear our minds. We also provide pizza every Wednesday for those that are working late. Each staff member is given a "Wellness Day" during tax season: one day that they get to unplug, rejuvenate and spend time with their family. We celebrate the tax deadline on March 15th with a lunch at the office, have pie on pi day (March 14th). On April 15th, we close the office at noon and take the staff out to a nice lunch before we all head to home to be with our families and enjoy the 16th as a paid holiday. After tax season, the benefits continue. Once a month outside of tax season, we all gather for a barbecue. And lastly, we bring our significant others and families together twice a year for our Christmas Party and Summer Outing.


We also offer discounted low-deductible medical insurance, dental and vision, 401(k) contributions, 4 weeks of vacation, and profit sharing plans.